Very, very naughty haiku because …why the eff not

Why don't I just wrap my mouth around that rock hard gun in your pocket


A little bit more about these…Smouldering Vignettes

I've never really divulged much information about the couple in my smouldering vignettes. I've always known who they are and how they met but I don't write about it just because these little writes are exactly what the title says they are: little vignettes of love and desire plucked from their life (which is undoubtedly... Continue Reading →

Kiss me

Come here and slowly place your lips upon that breath that I let escape my sanity but wait a moment and tease me a little with lips stroking my own with ease and meant to bes and maybe if you'll let me bite with slight greed your tongue that hangs upon my every word is... Continue Reading →

Deeply Smouldering Vignette

(Another reblog for today...but one of my favourites. Most of you will have read it before.  This one makes me smile the most of all my naughty little vignettes. Enjoy ♥) *EXPLICIT*   The streets and pavements are still glistening and moist from the rain that has fallen and now the evening is wet with... Continue Reading →

Naughty Little…Smouldering Vignette

Last reblog of the week for me. Back to normal as of tomorrow. Most of you have read this before but this one of my absolute favourites of my ....naughty writes. Fiery ❤️   *EXPLICIT*   She wears a tight, black dress. Strapless- revealing her ivory shoulders and delicious neckline. Short. It clings to her... Continue Reading →


Roses are red, Violets are blue. Wanna come play? I'm made just for you.   (Couldn't resist. Now for the real poem...)     He knows very well what kind of toy I am for him So I say... Why don't you unwrap me, and let's play Or maybe just sway to this music a soundtrack... Continue Reading →


You do not know him like I do These verses shared of love too true. You think he bleeds these words for you, But lips of mine he gripped  And knew.    You do not feel his presence near Perhaps you think to him you're dear But hearts like mine are made to sear Beneath... Continue Reading →

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