I Surrender

No poetry just yet. I'm sharing a song with you today. One of my favourites from one of my favourite singers. Growing up, she was my idol. And this song...the power in the music and the lyrics...oh biggest effing sigh. Fills my soul when I hear this.   Miss you so.   Fiery    ... Continue Reading →


Sonorous Serendipity

The bar is dark and ambient. Bohemian in its tiny existence, small tables and chairs all close together and of course the small stage front and centre where I sit. Where I belong. My voice soars and swerves and carries itself across the room and bewitches and enchants with ease and love as I want... Continue Reading →

Fiery Song

Vocal chords, not made for speech,  Your mind and soul they try to reach,  Never discordant they curve and then  travel, A story of souls they are trying to unravel.  Made of silken whisps of note, They sing of songs we both once wrote, And as I tense my longing centre, Pushing tuneful words that... Continue Reading →

🎼Guardian Angel

I won't blather on too much. This is a Greek song by one of my favourite male Greek singers, Yiannis Kotsiras. It's called "Filakas Angelos" which means, Guardian Angel It's so , so beautiful .   I've included the Greek lyrics and the translation below.   Again, it is morning so I am a little... Continue Reading →

🎼I won’t give up

Yesterday, the beautiful Nandita dedicated a magical verse to me, entirely unexpected, but it touched me so deeply. I didn't know if I deserved such pure emotion written for me, and I told her as much. In her way, guided by her inner goddess, she told me some special words and I knew in the... Continue Reading →

Blank for days then this

Time drips down my window pane, Chances flow into the drain, Moral compass broken smashed, Without ethics Unabashed.   Heartbeats leap into the fire, Sense walks out, she's such a liar Loyalty just up and left All alone I am bereft.   Desire died, I buried it Piled the dirt on Rose bud hit Lost... Continue Reading →

Just a drop of…me

I would take this as a diary entry if you like. Or if I LIKE . I'm just going to bleurgh it all out and if you want to read on.. please do. Otherwise... you know...there are crap loads of talented bloggers out there who would appreciate a like and a read , I'm sure.... Continue Reading →

The Princess and the Scribe

Sometimes in metaphors I like to speak, For fear that the truth may just make me look weak. And sometimes an allegory works just fine, And hidden within is the truth that is mine.   Imagine a Princess... brave, bold and true, In a mystical land where her words on wings flew, A place where... Continue Reading →

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