How do I love

I see selfless love pouring forth from these old wounds which always pop up as metaphors for bleeding hearts and darts that left scars so deep that pierced me so mercilessly that when I sleep at night I cry as I wonder why I am in this trench from which I can peek over the... Continue Reading →


You Ruin Me

There was a time, my inner world- A spool of rotten cotton twirled Upon a spinning wheel of time Where every pain with rain would rhyme.   And outwardly, a portrait bleak Forgotten beauty Tear stained cheek. Where "fine" meant sad And "great" meant bad And lies were all I truly had.   With glue and... Continue Reading →

How do I get home?

*This is a long read. Like really long. I know those don't go down well usually. And it's not very happy or anything like that. Please change the channel if you were looking for something different today.    You know when you're really young, late teens and everything is possible. Anything is possible. And then... Continue Reading →


What to do when love abounds, a song of lovers' nights resounds and then when all is said and done we start again and raise the sun.  We set the stage at curtain call and catch each other if we fall though always far and nearer still with words of love I cannot fill this... Continue Reading →


Somewhere in a dual realm, Where love lives free to overwhelm, Another you and I reside And there we have no cause to hide.   Therein a moon looks down and smiles- Encourages amorous wiles. At break of day, a sun beams bright And kisses bodies Warm delight.   And in this parallel dimension Understood... Continue Reading →

May I…?

I was always taught to be polite. "Pleases" and "thank yous" placed just right. Know when to say "can I?" And when it should be, "May I". And so I had a thought...after all these pleasantries were taught... May I just fall in love with you a little bit more? I was just wondering if... Continue Reading →

Just … breathe

She stands on the shore of an ocean of storms, Waves ravage her feet as the moon cools and warms The sun sets in violets and coralesque rose But the turmoil within gives her no sweet repose. She lays on the sand as she clutches her chest, for her breaths are departing through lips of... Continue Reading →

I Kissed Some Metaphors

I'll drink the moon alone tonight With bitten lips she'll taste my plight And fill my cup with love she might And drown I may, caught in her sight.     Within my mouth, this tongue's unrest Is silver laced, your will to test Deny I can't your sweet request To lay beside me, bodies... Continue Reading →

She Tiptoes

She tiptoes quietly 'cross the night The stars like stepping stones in sight And as the moon beside her smiles She turns her gaze towards the miles Of thousands upon thousand breaths That lead her body's little deaths Against all odds and cruelest seas Of galaxies of 'You's and 'Me's In search of that forbidden... Continue Reading →

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