This… poetry

This poetry is hard to grasp, encased¬† and held by golden clasp. It comes to me in shouting screams and pulls apart my mind-heart's seams. It beats against my head and yet, when poetry and I we met, still young and not yet broken me (my rhythmic rhymes it helped me see) became enveloped in... Continue Reading →



Eyes drowning in the thoughts that pour out tears from the fractured beats that my heart makes as my mind checks on its beating companion and the butterflies in my stomach join my sense in a flutter of wings floating on a whim and a scent of love that never quite reaches the mind's spot... Continue Reading →

Blank for days then this

Time drips down my window pane, Chances flow into the drain, Moral compass broken smashed, Without ethics Unabashed.   Heartbeats leap into the fire, Sense walks out, she's such a liar Loyalty just up and left All alone I am bereft.   Desire died, I buried it Piled the dirt on Rose bud hit Lost... Continue Reading →

Light as a Feather

Peace I need it Crave it so. My labyrinthine Neuropaths Started to slow My weak seratonin Has emptied my brain, And this line will most likely end with some Rain     Quiet I desire it To fill me Sedate me. And all of my tears Through the years They berate me.   Sweetness Tranquility... Continue Reading →

Just a drop of…me

I would take this as a diary entry if you like. Or if I LIKE . I'm just going to bleurgh it all out and if you want to read on.. please do. Otherwise... you know...there are crap loads of talented bloggers out there who would appreciate a like and a read , I'm sure.... Continue Reading →

Happy…reading-scattered wishes

On my mountain, through a star, Past aurora, sensed afar. In my mind but on the floor, Knocking at a bolted door. Dark regressions, Past obsessions, Pleasurable, sensual sessions. On my knees, and on my lips, Remember, your hands on my hips? Hurts to think about To care... Kiss my neck Pull back my hair...... Continue Reading →

Frozen Heat

Laying in a silken sheet... My heart and mind do seldom meet, They watch my body as it lies In post ecstatic breathless sighs. I touch my lips And trace my finger Down my stomach Let it linger... As I bask in glowing heat, My¬† heart and mind do seldom meet. Cries of passion have... Continue Reading →

My Body My Mountain

On a mountain top I sit Snow lies far and wide, Bare and naked here I lay A warm glow burns inside. Dark hair strewn around my head My eyes I close for now, I feel the snow upon my skin, The sunset takes a bow. I spread my arms and try to reach The... Continue Reading →

Decimate the Dark

Please I beg you Dry my tears It's dark and I can't see. My pieces have been torn asunder And I'm barely me.   My body aches From blackened thoughts It weeps from ever pore I'm suffocating in the midnight blackness To my core.   I'm reaching out It's taking all my strength It kills... Continue Reading →

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