And… one where I’m tooting my own horn. No, not like that, you pervs.

I can sip cheap ass booze if you want to. But I'm vintage wine


Within a Metaphor

I sit within a metaphor, It holds me in its mind. I pour myself a glass of hope In love songs that I find.   I sing a verse of stolen time, And kiss the notes goodbye. Intoxicated on a word Of summer in your eyes.   I cry a tear and watch it burn ... Continue Reading →

A little me time

Today I'll take some time for me I'll eat piles of junk food Watch trashy TV I'll leave all the toys and the mess On the floor So don't bother me (Leave the takeout at the door) I'll let all the laundry pile up ceiling high And the dishes can sit there Stranded High and... Continue Reading →

Love sick

I put my lovesick self to bed With feverish heart and pounding head The sweats Got those The chills Those too Ah, what's a lovesick girl to do? I took a pill of sanity It worked to stall my vanity. With trembling hand (I've got the shakes) I wrote a verse for sweet love's sake... Continue Reading →

You Ruin Me

There was a time, my inner world- A spool of rotten cotton twirled Upon a spinning wheel of time Where every pain with rain would rhyme.   And outwardly, a portrait bleak Forgotten beauty Tear stained cheek. Where "fine" meant sad And "great" meant bad And lies were all I truly had.   With glue and... Continue Reading →

Not in love

I'm NOT in love. Not "floating on air" Not craving your touch to caress me Right there. And I'm not what you'd call, "A poor, sweet love sick fool" 'cause I'm far too "me me" Out of reach (That's the rule) I don't melt at the sound of your voice Nope Not me I do... Continue Reading →

Cardiac Unrest

My heart-  I ripped it from my chest, Perchance I would be granted rest; Incessant beating in my breast I thought to pause- A small request. I held it in my hand, It bled. Soft ivory fingers kissed in red. I will not stop, it softly said. (My palm, its anatomic bed.) Pulsating thus It... Continue Reading →

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