Deeply Smouldering Vignette

(A reblog...but one of my favourites)   *EXPLICIT*   The streets and pavements are still glistening and moist from the rain that has fallen and now the evening is wet with anticipation for more inevitable downpour. Street lights reflected there, the two crossing the road hand in hand are oblivious to any of the elements... Continue Reading →


Smouldering little…Good Girl

I promise I am. Really. I try so, so hard Is that what you want me to be Daddy's good little girl, obeying your every need because I want to. I have a need to. No one ever deserved that before but you... you do, don't you. When I say what you want to hear... Continue Reading →

Touching my… Smouldering Vignette

*EXPLICIT* .......................………………   The room is dark. It's some hour close to dawn. The only light is from the phone still playing their favourite songs quietly, oblivious to what she is silently, warmly contemplating. White sheets twisted and in delicious disarray from the night that just passed. She is cradled within these remnants of lustful... Continue Reading →


And so a cliche I've become, or something like a whoresome nun , and thoughts of us are wholesome none, they blaze above and slice the sun which tears to pieces one by one, my doorways that my demons shun. And memorable I try to be, before the deluge swallows me, of moaning lips both... Continue Reading →

She was his from this moment.

Read part 1 here. This is...a prequel.     They haven't met yet. She can feel something changing though, like a song she can't quite release from her lips but she knows off by heart and it keeps playing in the distance. Familiar but unknown. Not unknowable, though. Fully, deeply knowable. It's a charity ...something... Continue Reading →

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