Smouldering little…Good Girl

I promise I am. Really. I try so, so hard Is that what you want me to be Daddy's good little girl, obeying your every need because I want to. I have a need to. No one ever deserved that before but you... you do, don't you. When I say what you want to hear... Continue Reading →


You Should Come With a Warning

Packaged and labelled correctly is what you should be. Large print, embossed, engraved with indelible warnings of impending plummets to the ground after tripping over that carefully placed foot in my way, smashing my all together, well guarded face and already cracked and fractured heart to pieces (to be fair, you kindly mended that heart,... Continue Reading →

Scarlet and the Devil

Allow me to explain a little. This post/short story in two parts is something I wrote over a year and a  half ago. I first posted it on my previous blog. Yes I had a previous blog. Some of you know about it, a lot of you don't. No need to dwell on that dark... Continue Reading →


Within infinity I sit, As stars and galaxies permit This solitude affixed within, Which deafens me with softest din. I watch occurrences collide, Entrenched in destiny I hide. Futility bombards my door, And leaves me aching, wanting more An ocean mocks me, vast and cold, And silences a soul once bold, My dreams traverse a... Continue Reading →

Painful Effing Rhymes

What becomes of metaphors? That lick my neck like verbose whores. Who shut my aching, throbbing doors, And cause an age of raging wars That seep like wetness from my pores And have no purpose, serve no cause, That trick me with their "yes, please...more"s And cut me into twos and fours, That keep the... Continue Reading →

Things and stuff

Tea pots often boil. Well, actually they boil if you switch on the heat, so it's not really their fault that they become scalding hot. Although their purpose is to be filled and get not hit you autocorrect monster, I meant HOT .How dare you presume to know my words before I have said... Continue Reading →

I blame the moon

Let's bid farewell to my mind's sweet egress, may it have a safe voyage with sanity's mess. Questionable actions, decisions that taunt, and a memory of something I quietly haunt. I wanted to speak and to freely express, this sensation of madness at life's cruel behest. And I stumbled upon, well no, I dived right... Continue Reading →

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