I tried to make the moon unshine, Unpour this breathing vintage wine, Unbeat my heart, but I cannot, Nor ravel this unravelled knot. I asked the stars to please unbright The kisses that they placed on Night. I cannot make your voice unheard, Unwrite your pure poetic word. I tried and failed when undesired, To... Continue Reading →


My Storm

Across a tightrope I have walked, with fallen angels I have talked. A soul I had, but kept it mine, for Purer Me I built a shrine. My innocence was ripped from me, I let it happen carelessly, as piece by piece my Self was cracked, I mourned the sanity I lacked. A million Lefts... Continue Reading →

This… poetry

This poetry is hard to grasp, encased  and held by golden clasp. It comes to me in shouting screams and pulls apart my mind-heart's seams. It beats against my head and yet, when poetry and I we met, still young and not yet broken me (my rhythmic rhymes it helped me see) became enveloped in... Continue Reading →


And so a cliche I've become, or something like a whoresome nun , and thoughts of us are wholesome none, they blaze above and slice the sun which tears to pieces one by one, my doorways that my demons shun. And memorable I try to be, before the deluge swallows me, of moaning lips both... Continue Reading →

My Head that You Invade

Open my eyes Thinking of you Making my coffee Thinking of you Washing the dishes Thinking of you Make breakfast I won't eat Thinking of you Doing the laundry Thinking of you Every mundane task... Thinking of you Writing a poem Thinking of you Then... Lay down to sleep Thinking of you Closing my eyes... Continue Reading →

Clawing Needs

Oceans of faces all screaming my name A piece of me here and there, all laying claim, Lustful and wanting and needing to taste, Sans any meaning, their sex laid to waste, Push me and pull me and press on my chest, Not breathing or thinking is this just a test Names that mean nothing... Continue Reading →

Fiery Song

Vocal chords, not made for speech,  Your mind and soul they try to reach,  Never discordant they curve and then  travel, A story of souls they are trying to unravel.  Made of silken whisps of note, They sing of songs we both once wrote, And as I tense my longing centre, Pushing tuneful words that... Continue Reading →

Spanning Synapse

How far must I fear I will fall before you catch me? Will I be plummeting to the ground, the last wind I  will ever hear whistling  in my ears, and down down down I stare into the abyss before I  see you standing below and instead of relief, I feel fear. Dark, clawing Fear... Continue Reading →

This is for you. (No, not you) YOU…yes, that’s right…you. Just You. I wanted to talk a little, just us… because you make me think and those types of thinks make me smile, mostly… No. Lots… Smile and tingle lots.

"Hey... I need you. In the way that, I need to give a piece of myself to you. In the sense that...I love talking to you, connecting with you, you know? We connect so well. And when I talk to you, share my words, my pensive contemplations, the oil that lubricates the cogs in my mind... Continue Reading →

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